How a Custom Car Magnet Can Help the Growth of Your Driving School Business

How a Custom Car Magnet Can Help the Growth of Your Driving School BusinessDriving school businesses are gaining popularity all over the country as many traditional school systems are experiencing budget cuts and are cutting driver’s education courses from the school systems. Yet, we still need help safely teaching teenagers how to drive

If you are part of a driving school and looking for new business, you may be considering a variety of marketing options.  One idea that may work extremely well for your business is a custom car magnet.  This is an inexpensive, highly visible marketing tool that is perfectly suited for a driving school business.  Here is what a business magnet can do for you:


  1. Mobile billboard: You can use your driving school fleet of vehicles as mobile billboards, easily reaching your customer base all over your target area.  Prospective customers will take note of your vehicle. Include your business name and contact information on both sides of the vehicle on vibrant magnets—this will help you reach thousands of potential customers each week.  The average driver spends multiple hours each day in their car; maximize that reach with car magnets.
  1. Inexpensive Marketing Tool: Customized magnets are one of the least expensive marketing tools on the market today.  You can include graphics, color, a logo, name and/or website or contact information to convey the perfect information about your driving school business.  You can choose size and color and have multiple magnets made for your vehicle(s) while staying within a modest marketing budget.  This is an ideal way to advertise a small driving school business.
  2. Portable and Temporary: Another great feature of magnetic signs for your business is that you can move the magnets from one vehicle to another, depending on which vehicle will have the most visibility that day/week.  Unlike other more permanent vehicle marketing tools, you can remove the magnets at any time and replace them.  This may allow you to purchase fewer for your business, depending on how many vehicles are out and about each day.


SignItUp Can Help You

On your next outing with students, make sure everyone knows who you are with magnets. Remember, your drivers are advertising how effective your driving school is—that means that you want to have top of the line teachers when you decide to market your brand with magnets. Get ready to design and print your magnets now!


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