Car Magnet Advertising Ideas

Car Magnet Advertising IdeasCar magnets are a popular advertising trend and there is a good reason why.  Think about it: you spend lots of time in your car each day, and you are right at eye level with other cars as you drive by.  You take in all sorts of information, including the color of a nearby car, the license plate and any bumper stickers or car magnets that are displayed on the vehicle.  And, you are not the only one!  Several drivers notice and analyze this information on each car ride; you car can be transformed into a walking (rather, driving) billboard and a marketing machine advertising your business, your favorite political candidate, or even your favorite hobby.

In fact, there are nearly no limits to what car magnets can advertise.  Plus, car magnets are not only seen while your car is driving, but also when it is parked somewhere for hours while you are doing something else.  Your car covers a lot of ground, and a number of people see it each day, so car magnets are a great way to maximize marketing potential.  You can put them on the side panels of your car or truck, across the back, or both!

Advertising Ideas

Stuck on advertising ideas and trying to think of new ways to help your business stand out while out on the road? Here are some thoughts:

  1. Your New or Growing Business

Your new or growing business can highly benefit from car magnet advertising. The cost associated with this form of marketing is quite low, yet with a well-designed, vibrant magnet, the results are often very strong.  Help potential customers remember your business name by incorporating your logo or another special design that relates your business.  In addition, you can add your phone number and/or website to see your business leads increase!  Plus, they are affordable—your magnets work 24/7, whether you are driving or parked!

  1. Political Advertising

Another great use of car magnets is to promote or endorse a political candidate, affiliation or even a certain political stance.  You can include a catchy saying, logo or banner along with the information you want to convey. Whether you want voters to vote “yes” on a certain proposition, or you want to gain support as you run for the local mayor position, political advertising is simply a few steps away!

  1. Create-Your-Own Magnet

In addition to business or political advertisement, you can also communicate just about anything you want via a car magnet.  Do you want to let people know that you were “just married?” Or, maybe you want to include a funny saying or image on your car.  A car magnet is perfect for this and since it is temporary and not permanently affixed to your car, you can feel free to be creative and change your mind at will! With our blank template, a custom design is easier than ever!

Signitup Will Design and Deliver Your Next Car Magnets

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